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CircleCI npm npm

The only static-file server you'll ever need!



  tstatic <dir> [options]

  -h --help     Show this screen.
  --version     Show version.
  -p <port> --port=<port>  Port to listen on.
  -b <auth> --basic-auth=<auth>   Enable basic-auth.
  -i <ips> --ips=<ips>  Allowed IP addresses.
  -l --list-dir  List Directory.
  -o --open  Open in browser after start.

dir is where your static files are.

404 errors will return with <dir>/.404.html, with status code 404. If this file doesnt exist, the default error page will be shown.



The port for the server to listen on. Currently supports plain HTTP only


Enable basic-auth for all paths. Currently only supports single credentals.

Format:-b username:password


IP addresses that are allowed to connect to the server.

Format: -i,


Enables directory listing. Allow browseing


Open the server in the browser one started. It will open in your default browser, and use url<port>.


Included in this repo is a Dockerfile to use. The default setup requires being run from the project directory, and will serve /var/www in the container on port 5000. By default, this directory is contains a simple index file, however can be overriden.

Below is an example docker-compose.yml file you can use with it:

version: "2"
    image: "tstatic"
        context: .
        dockerfile: Dockerfile
        - ./site/:/var/www
        - "5000:5000"