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Todoist GitHub

Import assigned issues and PRs into Todoist.

A docker container is available for easy usage:


  • requirements.txt installed in your environment
  • $GITHUB_TOKEN (Requires at least public_repo, repo required for access to private repositories)


Run python3 -m todoist_github to run once. --interval can be used to provide the number of seconds between automated updates.

Task Details

Task names are built using the task link and title, and are updated automatically on rename.

Tasks are added to projects based on the repository organisation / owner or repository name. If specially named projects exist as children of these, they're used instead. If no project is found, $DEFAULT_TODOIST_PROJECT_NAME can be used, else no project is assigned.

Task due dates are based off their milestone.

Once an issue is closed / PR merged, the task is completed. If you're unassigned, the issue is deleted.

Example docker-compose.yml

version: '3'
    image: theorangeone/todoist-github:latest
    container_name: todoist-github
    restart: unless-stopped
    command: python3 -m todoist_github --interval 900