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Hipchat Emoticons for all!

Cross-platform browser extension allowing use of hipchat emoticons on a variety of different websites. Using both client-side decoding, and markdown embedding.

Download and Installation

  • Download for Firefox: Visit AMO (Coming Soon)
  • Download for Chrome: Visit Chrome app store (Coming Soon)

Alternatively, you can Build it yourself using these instructions!

Once installed into your browser, Click here to make sure it's working perfectly!

More Info

More information can be found in the Wiki.

Adding Features

Think you've found a bug, something not working properly, or got a new feature to add? Create a Pull Request with your upated code, and i'll take a look. As long as it's passing all it's tests, and the code works when manually tested, it'll be merged. Any feature suggestion is appreciated!


All the time the app has a version of 0.0.0, the extensions are considered to be unstable and unlikely to work properly, if at all.


The syntax used is identical to what is used in the hipchat applications: wrapping the identifier in brackets (). For example, (yey) (allthethings) (boom) .