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Qb 1bb8343809
Replaced unmaintained linx-server with better maintained fork (#2529) 6 days ago
Hunter Wittenborn 1cf119ca6d
Renamed bitwarden_rs to Vaultwarden (#2524) 6 days ago
Domarys c90959e318
Add ShellHub to Gateways and terminal sharing (#2516) 6 days ago
Martin Kucej 77acfd00d0
Add I, Librarian to Document Management (#2511) 6 days ago
Sergey Romanenko 8d5d36c7b5
Add Flextype Content Management System (#2509) 6 days ago
Arnav Jindal 3bfd37050f
Add image-uploader to Single-click/drag-n-drop upload (#2491) 2 weeks ago
nodiscc 06b1519449
Add Orchest to Misc/Other (#2513) 2 weeks ago
Mellow Fish Ltd f8a68a2fb6
Update non-free.md (#2503) 2 weeks ago
Yuli 7503fd9d1b
Add Databunker (#2476) 2 weeks ago
kokomo123 c7f70d7678
Remove CumulusClips from Photo And Video Galleries (#2506) 2 weeks ago
nicod_ 31ec8f8923
Update SPIP source code URL and license (#2508) 2 weeks ago
nodiscc 8682679816
travis-ci.yml: only run full check suite from travis cron jobs 3 weeks ago
Miguel Michelson Martinez 08f6216dda
Adds Chaskiq to Custom communication systems (#2501) 3 weeks ago
Gervwyk dd976590ce
Add Lowdefy to IDE/Tools (#2497) 3 weeks ago
Sebastian 4770fb25d9
Add HomeGallery to Photo and Video Galleries (#2494) 3 weeks ago
Alex Cureton-Griffiths ea89f72a83
Add Jina open-source search framework (#2488) 3 weeks ago
Sjoerd van der Hoorn cf8ccc1238
New Genealogy section - Including Genea.app (#2485) 3 weeks ago
Dmitry Sinina 183629b070
Add Yeti-Switch project (#2470) 3 weeks ago
Nikita Kolmogorov 12afb0e3b8
Add Localizer to Localization (#2479) 3 weeks ago
bram2w 22f53b8f5f
added baserow to automation (#2471) 3 weeks ago
nodiscc ec81e09dd4
Makefile: ingore awesome-bot SSL warning on flaskbb.org 4 weeks ago
nodiscc 2dfa23dfca
makefile: awesome_bot: ignore SSL errors on https://flaskbb.org/ 4 weeks ago
nodiscc c72f8d5ad6
remove problematic nullboard demo link 4 weeks ago
nodiscc 3ae49e1acb
remove dead demo link for pigallery 2 4 weeks ago
nodiscc 8846361e78
remove dead demo link for openhab 4 weeks ago
nodiscc d451b94fea
remove requestbin (sourec code gone) 4 weeks ago
nodiscc 6e9fd8aed3
remove dead rhodecode demo link 4 weeks ago
nodiscc 2dd792f3dc
remove photofloat (last commit 2016) 4 weeks ago
nodiscc 08e5084c67
remove dead socksbin demo link 4 weeks ago
nodiscc fbc08b9777
remove dead mokintoken homepage link 4 weeks ago
nodiscc f1c574e3f1
remove dead markdownedit homepage link 4 weeks ago
nodiscc 64eb2ce2cc
remove broken malwaremultiscan demo link 4 weeks ago
nodiscc cefd6f3068
remove sonerezh (last commit 2019, website gone) 4 weeks ago
nodiscc 8081fc65a6
update openhab source code link 4 weeks ago
nodiscc 1f68566f2f
remove dead demo link for youtransfer 4 weeks ago
nodiscc 549943c2ff
remove dead link for goploader 4 weeks ago
nodiscc fcc1034f63
update source code link for coquelicot (gitweb down) 4 weeks ago
nodiscc 744acf8b4e
remove dea demo link for opensourcepos 4 weeks ago
nodiscc 62700cfa82
remove dead b2evolution demo link 4 weeks ago
nodiscc dd5f0eb2a1
remove openconferenceware (last update 2017, website gone) 4 weeks ago
nodiscc b349aeee99
remove dead link to demo.routr.io 4 weeks ago
nodiscc 32f827c2af
remove dead link to ptorx.org 4 weeks ago
nodiscc cb0a02bfc5
fix link to docs.debops.org 4 weeks ago
nodiscc b6a93d4d1a
rmeove dead link to darkwire.io 4 weeks ago
nodiscc d3177a9684
.travis.yml: always run pipeline on master, regardless of whether the job was triggered via cron or manually 4 weeks ago
nodiscc eb872d63bb
update author information (make contrib) 4 weeks ago
nodiscc d12c9c104a
fix license for asmbb 4 weeks ago
Jeremy Meyers 56c8f2ffca
Remove Tipboard, add Smashing (#2468) 1 month ago
nodiscc e990a67d67
remove FreeNAS (discontinued, TrueNAS not Free software anymore) (#2493) 1 month ago
Pierre Buyle 1746c8d318
Add SFTPGo (#2477) 1 month ago